Great Videos from the BBC to Support E Safety Discussion

BBC Horrible Histories: Guy Fawkes shares the Plot?

Welcome To WonderWeb World.  A Newsround special about a fantastical place, not so far away where Lost Princess meets her White Knight.  Narrated By David Tennant, my phase three students gained a great deal from the conversations and discussions the "Fairy Tale" style of this story evoked.

Horrible Histories
Naivety causes all sorts of problems for Online Users in a number of guises, these can be a source of embarassment and anxiety, however watching people out of time and place make the same mistakes we do when left to our own devices becomes a source for discussion..... So

  1. Check out what happens when Lady Jane Grey responds to pop ups, and her digital footprint is intercepted by Bloody Mary's Spymasters.
  2. We may try to make our Facebook profile's secure, but what could happen two or three friends down the line when someone in the chain is not quite so concerned, and we decide to share ideas within what we consider a closed group of friends.  Poor Old Guy Fawkes finds out.
  3. A reminder of the potential hazards and difficulties of publishing images and video on line.  The concept of digital footprints, and how they might come back to haunt us presented through the eyes of an ambitious Anglo Saxon Monk.