Podium and SmartBoard Recorder

Have spent the afternoon playing with some of the kit I got hold of at BETT, seemed somehow more fun than the planning scrutiny, I was intending to engage in. Unfortunately I still have this to do before I can watch the tele, so this entry will be brief.

Having played with my beta copy of Podium, I am now really excited by it, and fully intend to buy a copy or two on release. I am also going to trial it this week with some students, to see how they get on, but am not anticipating any real problems. It is really good fun, and even if at the moment I can't upload the casts they make, I can certainly export them in MP3 format to be listened to from the network.

What was also fun this afternoon however was, building on a demo I saw earlier in the school year, adding commentaries to Smart Recorder files. While I had my microphone plugged in I had a go, at carrying out a demo on making a hide and reveal file. I didn't realise how tricky it was to do this sychronously, particularly as my laptop is getting a bit old, but the outcome was quite effective, and something with a bit of practice I am sure I will be able to use in developing a resource bank to support colleagues, in the making of whiteboard resources.

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Anthony Evans said...

Hiya- podium sounds great and I'm sad I neglected to pick up a copy- I did manage to bag a free copy of the Island from Rm which is kind of like second life/the sims meets Y4 geaography Invaders and settlers- can't wait to play with it tomorrow- if theres time

We have Katie from 2simple coming to Redbridge on Thursday to show those that haven't seen it- the amazing 2paint a picture! I love this program - Have a good week and I hope you get over the planning scrutiny!!