You can teach an old dog new tricks...

Yesterday I posted about playing with podcasting, spent the day going through the process of setting up a Blogger Account to handle the feed, redirecting this through Feedburner, uploading files to my webspace, and today clutching "virtually" and "physicaly" anything wooden, I have been trying out and completing the process as described on Jason's site. So far all seems well, though the two files I have published so far seem a bit quiet. I still have a bit of playing to do.

Thanks also to Paul who has recommended Podomatic, as a host site. I tried this earlier in the term, when I was encountering FTP problems from within the LA firewall. The spaces provide 500 mb of free upload space for your sound files, and work in a similar way to a blog space. I found the space easy to use when working from home, but did encounter upload and access problems when trying to work with the space from school, perhaps this is just a particular quirk within our authority. I will give this space, called currently The Buzz, another try after the holidays, as well as adding chasing up the FTP issues we have been having internally in publishing podcasts created in Podium to the FTP space provided, to the to do list I need to engage with on return to school.

I have also made a Photostory using the Henry VIII and his six wives script using images collected from the web, that I want to try uploading and sharing through my Podcast experiment space. This will be a chance to explore another medium, one I am keen to exploit with the students, and to explore the functionality of the Zamzar site, presented through a refereral from Paul.

In the meantime I really want to come to grips on a personal level with what and how this process works, so would value any comments or suggestions from readers and visitors about the process, as this will support my development of activities further with students and colleagues next term.

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