Data handling with Excel in the Primary School

"Who's a Smartie?" This was the title of an article submitted to and published in Micromath during 2004. Originating in practice informed classroom research activity, it lead to the filming of an abridged version of a socalled "subject Design initiative" for Teachers TV.

At the time of publishing videos from these programs to the web, the learning story behind the series of tasks presented was not included. Today while working on my dissertation project I came across another example of my "formative assessment tool" of choice, the narrative of learning, from these programs. This narrative was used to record events, link sessions with the students, and intended to share the process behind the sessions filmed with colleagues watching the programs. I hope you find it useful or at least interesting, and that this use of PowerPoint, provides a different perspective on how the tool might be used to record and support learning progression through the cross curricular learning stories that unfold everyday in our classrooms.

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