Me and My Mobile 2: Task List and Word for mobile

This is great, been looking forward to it all week, and at last sitting toasty on the retimed 8.15 train for Paddington, am finalising tasks for my visit to BETT today. Targets

  • To leave with as little paper as possible,
  • Pick up a few trial software samples to try out at home and with the students.
  • Review some of the new control titles especially "2Simple control nxt" and "Go-Robo," though a chance to look at flow go and Flowol 3 at first hand would also be good.
  • Get a demo of "honeycomb," from Softease, and take a look at "Podium 2" before the upgrade arrives
  • Pick up a copy of Comic Life.
  • Take another look at the Asus PC, a platform I first saw at the hhl conference, but following feeds this week seems to getting a lot of interested press from fellow bloggers.
  • Touch Base with Anthony Evans, am really looking forward to this as we have chatted through Google, and Twitter for a ages now, but really looking forward to meeting him face to face.

This year I am traveling light. a packed lunch, PDA, digital camera, mp3 player, Guardian Link E Supplement, and show badge. Preparing for the visit over the last couple of days, I copied acrobat floormaps to my PDA, and created a to do list, of personal must sees and dos based on recent press and industry releases, adding stand numbers to help find my way round. Now with Latte in hand, and the flooded landscape of the South West England flowing past the window (literally it seems, after last night's heavy rains, the River Avon now occupies fields that usually meet the railway) am Reading the guardian link e supplement, and adding to the already full day I have planned. Fortunately some of these coincide with stands I intended to visit anyway such 2Simple's proposed online tool set.

Its been a while since I used one finger typing, a process currently akin to input through the PDA touch screen. So far it has been really slow going writing this entry but hopefully as I become more familiar with the keyboard this will speed up. Mobile Word being compatible with the PC version means I can draft thoughts today, and then do revisions and editing on screen when I get home before uploading to my blog later. In addition I want to see just how portable and flexible the tool can be, by perhaps using some of the ideas raised at the Handheld Learning Conference around, "collect, store and share," capturing images as well as my ramblings in one place, to transfer and share later in another format, and so fits with my multi tool approach to teaching and learning with ICT.
Today's posts are part of a personal experiment and will form part of a series of me and my mobile posts, that I discussed previously.

In addition to the wireless keyboard, I really must look into the process of adding mobile Internet access to the tool. Reading this as I write, it seems odd that current reflections will actually be read after the fact, asynchronously and back dated. Visiting HHL and experiencing the liberating feeling of mobile access and particularly "moblogging," it seems to me that the real power of this process for students, combined with web 2.0 tools would come from publishing on the move, and the sequence of events in diary type entries if seen live as they were written. Anyway thats something for later, but is already something that has got me thinking.

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Anonymous said...

simon, you should give tiny twitter a go on your pda... this fits in well w/ your theme of "publishing on the move" - assuming you get the internet connectivity worked out. tiny twitter is a twitter client that let's you post tweets, see timelines, see your reply stream, see other's streams, and view direct messages. just point your mobile's browser to and you'll be setup in seconds. check out for more info.