Storyphones: Language for Learning

With the increased availability of cheaper MP3 players, I have pondered buying a few to use with portable speakers. The main problem is that this would further add to the cacophony that already exists in my talk driven classroom, or require children to take turns with headphones. I could not really see a way of enabling multiple access to the device without a portable speaker or docking option. Then today this was published on Ictopus, about a new device the Storyphone. What a cool idea, essentially a wireless mp3 based listening centre.

I love the effect that podcasting and audio recording has had on my student's perception of reading and its purpose, and have wondered for a while about how we could use this to our advantage, in having students prepare stories for others around school. Either performing from existing texts or preparing their own for sharing through the network. The recording part would be fairly straightforward but individual or group access as said above to the completed texts more of a challenge, requiring either computers to be tied up or access to individual mp3 players. I realy like the idea of the storyphone on soooooooo many levels! Or something similar, and would encourage the company to ask the question "Why stop with selling this idea as a foundation stage tool?" I would love to have something similar available to use more widely with students of all ages across my school, how about you?


Doug said...

I didn't get too much of a chance to delve into the functionality of the kit but it did look really tidy ... no wires to trail about and very well built. The concept is right ... now let's get the context in place.

Two Whizzy said...

Hi Doug Thanks for the pointer by the way. I Couldn't agree more and think the concept behind the tool "language for learning" is key to its potential. It has really got my imagination whizzing. Hopefully sharing your find, will have a similar effect on other readers. As part of a multiple tool approach to teaching and learning with ICTs I think it has huge potential across all phases of education, or at least a tool like it. This is certainly the kind of device I have been waiting for, to support, enhance and take the use of tools such as Podium to the next level. Talking about a device that has a pluralised name, in the singular seems really strange. Take care and thanks.

Phil said...


I have just been reading a few blogs about StoryPhones (your ‘ICT Inspirations’ blog being one of them) and it’s great to hear that people are excited about the resource and how it can be used.

I just thought I would keep you updated with some info; the new website is online ( and we also have some new information leaflets available as pdf's on the website.

Again, it’s great to hear people talking about StoryPhones in such a positive way; any comments you do have or ideas about how/where StoryPhones could be used would be greatly appreciated.

Phil King