Learning Event Generator From New Tools Via Kwout

Thanks to IT4L for the redirect this morning to the "new improved" Learning Event Generator from John Davitt's New Tools web space. As a Primary Practitioner looking at the tool this morning again, I began pondering not so much the concept generator i.e. the "do" part of the activity, but more the range of "as" activities, and the variety of ways/roles that students could be engaged in while presenting their understanding of ideas. I have begun wondering about how the tool might be used to support starting points for session warm ups or plenary activities, and in terms of the (New) Primary Framework, the shift towards talk for writing/learning, or thinking together tasks in the initial stages of this work and how some of these might be adapted to support progression within main session tasks and develop alternative outcomes during for example phases one and two of extended literacy units initially.

On Newtools John says

"Contact John if you'd like your own copy that you can customise. Remember to also email your ideas for either panel - we are hoping to get a 1 possible million events in the master generator (currently up to 2,500) by Christmas 2008. Thanks to all those who have helped so far. John.

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