ICT CPD 4 Free A new web based resource from NAACE

Passionate about ICT and how it can be used to support and enhance learning across the curriculum then perhaps these online courses Launched by NAACE at BETT this week will be of interest to you.



Bernadette Brooks said...

Hi Simon,

Was great to meet you at the Naace stand at BETT. Thanks for the plug for our new website has been very busy over the weekend. Looks like we have an offering here that meets teachers needs.Hooray!

Keep up the good work with the blog!

Bernadette Brooks from Naace

Two Whizzy said...

Thanks Bernadette the feeling is mutual.

Great to hear the site is proving such a hit (excuse the pune:oP. I'm sure as it continues to grow the very relevant nature of the content you intend to provide will pull folk back time and again. Best wishes.