PLTS Slideshows

Since September I have been using a set of PowerPoint Templates to help organise, standardise and simplify my lesson planning and organisation.

The templates carry a standard style
  • Unit/Lesson/Challenge Title
  • WALT (We Are Learning To) Overall Lesson Objective 
  • Differentiated WILFs (What I Am Looking Fors), these are leveled and coloured Red, Amber, Green in rubric format to enable a view of progression in learning.
The Slides themselves are laid out differently according to purpose within the lessons, and may change according to subject, but the Title or WALTs are duplicated in order to be visible throughout the lesson.

My title slides include the session WALT and an image from the PLTS posters I created.  The PLTS poster image displayed will be identified according to unit skills focus, and the particular skill focus for a session is highlighted on the image through the addition of an autoshape around it.

Slides to support progression within the lesson and outline tasks are inserted as duplicates where required in the lesson structure, and in some cases printed out for use on the desktops of students as “Success Criteria."

Within each Template show I have also inserted PLTS related slides, that contain the progressions we used to support learning during Integrated curriculum sessions.  These have been placed to support rubric development by deletion.  It is easier to start with all content included initially and delete those elements not required.

Here is an examples shared in Google Docs format to show what I mean.  Any thoughts would be useful and helpful.

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