Repeating Patterns

This is a unit of work we have developedwith our year 4 students over a number of years now, and one which they really enjoy. It is an innovation on the QCA Repeating Patterns unit. Over the course of Autumn Term 2, students gradually build up elements to design christmas wrapping paper, beginning with simple "wire frame" type motifs, working towards bringing design elements together by copying and pasting, to create repeating patterns and designs, before finally experimenting with background colours.

This is a really nice exercise also for practicing what I like to call "cascade saving." This involves saving different versions or drafts of the same file, using the save as function. Changing the background colour only of the file, the students repeatedly save different drafts to review and evaluate later, choosing favourite designs or outcomes for the final project which is to include their design within a desk top published Christmas card. Check out the year four gallery in our school website if you would like to follow the process yourself or would like to see the available design resources we shared to begin the project.

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What a great blog- I'm a recently appointed ICT advisor and I really like what you are doing. There is a mixture of creativity and high expectations in the work on the site.

Check out the new paint pacakage from 2simple- 2paint a picture for a very wide range of art tools that are simple to use.

Would you mind if I highlighted your blog on my own blog?