Hunting For Geography Resources

While searching for Geography resources to support a Unit on Using the Internet with our Year 2 students today, I ended up wandering, and in the process came across some real nuggets, some of which address areas I had looked for previously but failed to find and some which I think are real treasures and I don't want to lose. Most of these I have added to each year group's community useful links pages on our school website, but there were three that I particularly wanted to share.

The Staffordshire Learning Net's Visual Geography Micro Site is part of their wider Geographical Association Gold Award winning site.
Find Out About St Lucia from School Train, which I think will be an amazing tool to use with these young students, uncluttered and easily accessible through picture links and reduced text content. Will enable a focus on the browser navigation skill I want to address while at the same time enabling access to information the students will be able to use back in class. Check out the other resources on this site too, as the site is not limited to geography.
Weather, this link takes you to the weather right now in St Lucia, but last term I was looking for a site just like this for colleagues to use with Students in Year 6 which could be used to collect online data for weather tracking and modelling activities, using a spreadsheet.

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Could you send me your email so that I can forward my large notebook to you on using SMART for writing and anything else I come across