2Create a Story: Making Flash Files

Having read Keith's Post about 2 create a Story (2cs), I was reminded of some minor issues I encountered when I first tried to export to flash from the software. I love 2cs as a tool , and am not sure if my issue was a bug within the software at the time or whether it was a by-product of the way it had been installed on our system.

What would happen is when I exported as .swf, the software would create a .2cs file instead. This file could not subsequently be opened in 2 create a story or in flash player, I tried renaming it's file extension to .swf, and this then solved the problem enabling the file to be played in flash player, and to be inserted in my web pages. If you encounter this problem, and feel comfortable with trying out this process, then the Fix I used goes like this.

  1. Follow the save process from 2cs as usual, in the file types box selecting export as flash.
  2. Close 2cs and open windows explorer. Browse for the location where you saved the file.
  3. In the tools menu select folder options and then the view tab.
  4. Scroll down and ensure the hide extensions for known file types box is unticked. Press the apply button, and then ok. All files should appear with their name followed by their extension (eg .htm or .2cs)
  5. Select the file you have just saved, and then right click to rename.
  6. replace the .2cs extension with .swf.
  7. Double click to open the file in flash player.

If this doesn't work, then rename the file with the .2cs extension, and seek advice from 2 simple.

In more recent versions of the software this problem doesn't seem to happen, 2simple I have found are a very approachable company, and having visited their website the other day before writing this, you might rather prefer to call them if you encounter this difficulty, to seek a version upgrade. In the meantime I hope this might be a helpful stop gap.

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