Blogger Navbar and Esafety


One of the biggest concerns I have had and read about in using blogger with students is the what "might" be returned when/if they press the next blog button on the blogger nav bar. I was prompted to think about this again today through a message from Doug Dickinson.

We have no control over what blogs or blog content is returned from pressing the next blog button. So I wondered today if their was a way to remove this from the page as it is diplayed, and found this blog post from "Blogger Templates." Following their guidelines I managed to insert the code given at the location suggested in the blog template and hey what do you know, no nav bar...

I have inserted this code in the podcast challenge blog I have been setting up, however, it is important that in using a blogger blog to drive this space we acknowledge this. Hopefully in prominently displaying a blogger Logo and backlink at the head of the blog's widget column this will be achieved satisfactoraly. Perhaps I should also state the reasons I have chosen to remove the nav bar. Any thoughts?


Lisa Stevens said...

Hi! I removed the 'next blog' on my blog a while ago for the very reason you stated. Wish there a way of just removing that bit rather than the whole bar as it's convenient to access the dashboard from the top but heigh ho!!


Two Whizzy said...

Hi Lisa thanks for this. Adding the Blogger logo from the widget/gadget collection to the top of the page, takes you to the dashboard if logged in and to the log in page if not. Also hoping that it covers the attribution issue in terms of provider?