ICT in the Early Years

Thanks to Anthony Evans for his recent post pointing to and sharing this inspirational web space. ICT in the Early Years is a fantastic resource, that exemplifies current practice at the Homerton Children's centre, in Cambridgeshire.

There is much to learn from a visit to this space for all of us about how ICTs can be exploited and embedded in support of daily classroom life. Throughout the space it is evident that ICTs do not stand alone here, but are viewed and used as part of a wider social and physical toolset to support and mediate the learning experiences of students and the pedagogy and practice of practitioners. Computers form part of roleplay areas, Cameras are used by students and professionals to capture activities, points of interest as well as to evidence, share and support review of learning. Software tools are carefully chosen to contextualise learning within real life situations for students, and utilised to create and share learning stories and colate and present assessment for learning materials within digital portfolios. Throughout the site materials developed are also offered for download and use in CPD.

The planning area of the site is a real boon as Early Years and Foundation Stage Principles are used to illustrate and exemplify potential uses for ICT tools. From my point of view as an ICT subject leader, with little to no foundation experience this is an extremely valuable resource. One that I can share with colleagues in school and that will help inform potential directions for ICT investment and development, support audit of current practice and aid as a starting point for planning next steps in our professional learning. Thanks to all at the Homerton Children's Centre involved in the development and sharing of this fantastic resource.

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