Adventures with iSpring Update: Changing the Embed Code

I was really excited when I set out to share the work I had displayed on my blog using iSpring with a colleague other day. Imagine my horror ... when in the midst of my excitement the files didn't download or play. It was easier at the time to think the firewall was preventing this and even though disapointed I thought no more about it until I got home

As it turned out it was a problem with the way the browser in question was using the page that prevented the files from rendering and this morning I have experimented using some code previously used to embed flash files to my blog, that seems to have fixed the problem. If you are interested here it is. Right clicking and choosing to view image will make it easier to read, though I have also shared a txt version of the file can be downloaded from here and edited.

A number of folk have asked about how to embed flash files created by export from tools such as 2create, and 2create a story. I am no whizz in the code department but I have found this works for this too. In order for it to work you must have the files hosted on a webspace, this could be your VLE. You will need to do some editing to meet your own needs and point your page to the file you have created and uploaded, hopefully the colourcoding in the image will help.

The blue part refers to the space where your file/s are hosted
The foldername section is the folder structure and breadcrumb trail to where the file actually is
and the red part the name of the file itelf with extension.

I hope this is useful. Now to fix my previous post:o)

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