Patterning With LOGO

Adding the National Geographic Photo of the Day widget to my Google Desktop and blog has been a real winner in terms of personal inspiration and as a creative spark over the last couple of years. Usually the images lead me to Language and Literacy ideas, but  this image from the 6/5/10 set me thinking about a possible context and and alternative in to working using LOGO with our older Phase 2 students next term. 

In previous posts I have explored the use of MSWLOGO a freeware tool and MS Paint within the context of the Mathematics classroom, developing ideas around the properties of shape, rotational symmetry and patterning, but using this image as a starting point and available design for the journey, what would happen if... this was extended to explore tessellation and repeated patterning, using copy and paste processes?

Image Credit: Hazrat Ali Mosque, Afghanistan  National Geographic Photo of the Day 06/05/10

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