Scratch Embed Trial

This is a trial space as I explore embedding some of my student's Scratch Games into web spaces for sharing.  Currently the scratch Applet is running fine within individual pages created for each game and placed on the school web server  These can be accessed via the hyperlinks if you'd like a look.

The Applet itself is opening in my blog using the same embed code, but can't currently access the game files to run them.  Pondering whether this might be a firewall issue as files hosted on LA web Space!?  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance! :0)

Building on comments from Sam R I have added an iframe linked to J's Frog Eating Thing.  This seems to have done the trick on Blogger as you can see below. The iframe links back to the holding page uploaded to the school web server, perhaps this is the solution to my other problems, will check this out, and update blog later with process.  Thanks to Sam R for all your help with this :o)

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