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Well half an hour has passed and I have made a start on my first 100 and odd games to use in the DTP Unit next term.  Well,  I haven't personally made a ton of games but I have finally logged into my  Zondle account for a play, and yes in less than 30 minutes input a few trial questions, before the site using my quiz created a selection of games that I can embed into or link to from my VLE.

These games are based on use of Microsoft Publisher, the tool we will be using but could be edited to make them more generic, or developed around any topic or theme I am working on from across the subject base of the curriculum.  I do need to give some more thought to the questions I have created as they were quite rushed, but I am able because I own the underlying quiz to go back and edit these.  Once I am happy with the quiz I am able to share my games with others in the Zondle Community too, so if you register and log in, there are a growing number of games already in existence.

The First Game here Zondles R Us presents my topic quesions in a straight forward quiz format.

... while this game Fish Nosh, challenges the students to engage with the quiz while being rewarded with the opportunity to earn extra points within a platform game type environment.

I still need to work on my quiz, and will probably add a few more questions to challenge my players as my planning progresses allowing more opportunities for game play.  What is great however is the possibility down the road to use these activities alongside other embeddables as plenary and homework follow ups to help develop and consolidate of vocabulary, key concepts and ideas from within the units of work my students engage with.

Additionally, two other tools I have used alot are jigsaw puzzles created at Jigsaw Planet and Wordsearches made at The Ultimate Wordsearch Maker.  The students have not only enjoyed using the embedables I have created at these sites, but also creating their own topic based versions, which we have shared by email, and through shared spaces within the VLE.  Here are two examples I created and also on a DTP theme.

Jigsaw:  Click to open jigsaw in same window.
preview48 piecePublisher Doc

Wordsearch:  Click on the first and last letter in each word you find.
Make Your Own Word Search

I am looking forward to sharing Zondle with colleagues at school and exploring the how or wheher we can use it aongside I Am Learning a games based learning platform we have subscribed to use next year to support homework. I have already shared wordsearch maker and jigsaw planet with a number of colleagues who have enjoyed using these to create material for use with their students.

Note To Self
Wonder if Zondle could be used with students to help support and develop validation processes during research and Independent Enquiry.  Having worked with exemplar Zondles, students could be challenged individually or in pairs to research and create quizes around particular topics or themes using the multiple choice, true false or free text formats.  They would need to  validate and check the accuracy of their answers before these could be used.. Something to ponder... A pebble in the pond. 

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Anonymous said...

so easy to create. so much fun to play. thanks for this.