NPS Teaching Tools for Mathematics and Some Other Goodies

One of my colleagues on the Y3 Primary Maths Day today mentioned how she had found it difficult to find the ITPs, that on the Numeracy Strategy Pages were all in one place. Resource files available on the new site are also grouped together and listed for download from the following pages.

Long before the NPS discovered and began publishing Excel based resources this site, , was a regular haunt of mine, the free download pages provide access to a number of really interesting and powerful Excel based interactive tools and resources, including support sheets and materials, as well as some cool PowerPoints. I have downloaded and used a number of these in the past, and particularly liked the Excel symmetry tools, which my previous year 4 classes loved using, Some of the worksheet generators were also quite useful time savers in creating Notebook pages for consolidation and practice activities, input the number ranges, generate the calculations and select and print to notebook. It was through visiting this site, that I first encountered MSW LOGO, the programing environment, free for educational use, that I now have installed and available for use by students. The children like its no frills look so much, many have downloaded it at home to use on their own computers. Onsite they have some nice resources and ideas available to use with with this tool too.

I'm not usually one for ready mades, but if you are looking for hands on tools, editable and printable templates or support materials for class use then why not pay a visit to The Leicester Maths Web, flip flaps, follow mes, Tables Fold Ups, place value grids, target boards, and much more.

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