Remember, Remember, the 5th of November Part 2

Thanks to Doug for his much appreciated positive feedback on my previous post and the additional ideas he offered. In his comment he says:

"Great ideas Simon ... particularly like the speaking and listening idea using Podium to podcast ... would make a terrific historical drama with actors recording episodes in podcast diary format of the days leading up to the final arrests and then a reprise to sum up."

This week my year 3 class have been working in small groups to create storybaords during the literacy hour, based on the story of the plot. We are targetting the use of Punctuation Marks, and how they are used when we are writing and reading, and I hope over the course of the year we will be able to use podium as a tool to help us with this, through reading with expression. A moment to treasure from this week though will be the somewhat perplexed look at the beginning of the week, from a student who confused by the idea of the "Houses of Parliament," (aren't we all! Ed.), had begun thinking Parliament was a person, and they must have been very rich if they had more than one house that looked like that!

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