Yesterday, One for the Staffrooom Wall

It seems that missing data and lost files, in the minds of some colleagues anyway, are always someone elses responsibility, or the result of some system crash that only ever happens to them. I saved it, and now its gone, or my flashdrive had all of my work on it and now it doesn't work. Backing up data is incredibly important, I seem to have a necklace of flashdrives these days, but these always contain files that I have saved elsewhere, and then copied for transport.

As I came across this lovely, (albeit ironic) wall display file from Teach today, I could not help but giggle as I imagined Paul McCartney's dulcet tones, rendering this timeless reminder that backing up data is the responsibility of those who generate it. Not the network manager, technician or ICT Subject Leader. Sung to the tune of an Old Beatles standard, I intend to print several for display, in prominent places about school.

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