Podcasting about Podcasting

Last week, I was interviewed by James Watson of Softease, about my experiences using their school podcasting solution Podium in the classroom. James has used this interview in his own Podium created podcast called Podcasting in the classroom launched today through the Podium Blog

The first episode features James himself introducing the series and its aims, and eloquently explaining what Podcasting is (and is not) while outlining some of the benefits the process may offer for engaging learners in the classroom. The second episode features an interview with the voice behind this blog, recorded last week, sharing his experiences of using Podium in the classroom while exploring and expanding on some of the ideas, I have written about here. I hope you find this useful, but also that you take the opportunity to subscribe to what promises to be an interesting series of programmes. I am certainly looking forward to downloading and listening to future episodes and sharing in how others are using podcasting as a tool to engage students and inspire learning in their classroom. Thanks James:o)


AllanahK said...

I am just about to have a play with Podium as a podcasting tool. We use Garageband at the moment.


Two Whizzy said...

Hi Allanah how did you get on with Podium? I toyed with podcasting for a while, and played with audacity before coming across Podium on its launch at the BETT the year before last. I have found it to be really accessible and easy to use, and the students love it.