Stick Figure Animator is still a hit

Untitled Animation by C. Click on the image to view the animation.

A while back I published a stick figure animation by one of my students called "The Box." He recently sent me another creation, with no title, and here it is. For some reason Blogger doesn't want to play the file in the page but clicking on the image will open and play the file in a new page. I really like it, because knowing C and the software tool he used I recognise how much effort has been put into its creation and how the narrative it carries draws on and expresses an enormous amount about the visual nature of the process he brings to all his literacy activity. Every frame in this clip has been added by hand, and the narrative presented shows how far he has come, independently in his understanding of the animation process. Motion and transitions are much smoother in this movie than in his previous attempt.

It never ceases to amaze me just what our students are doing with ICTs when not in school, and how easy it is to underestimate their creativity and capabilties with the tools they use and have available to them. Well done C and thanks for sharing.

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nix said...

Well done C!

I have friends who runs a regular Pivot Animation lessons and clubs at tehir respective schools. The students love the software and make very complex animations. Often these reach well over 1000 frames - each individually thought about.

The software is simple and my friends both use it will students who are ESOL and who have limited language to tell their stories.