Greenfoot: A Summer Project

Came across Greenfoot, while I was floating around the web the other day, thinking about a control environment or microworld creation tool that we could perhaps make available on our Asus Toolkit for students. I was really looking for a version of LOGO or pondering Scratch, but what interested me about this environment was its use of Java as a development framework, with its ability to compile executable programmes to control elements introduced into the space. Even if we can't use the environment with the Asus platforms, the possibility of involving students in building interactive object oriented games, seems really appealing right now, though whether it will later or not I'm unsure. As an absolute novice programmer this tool looks really interesting as a personal in, so have downloaded to play over the holiday, and explore the possibilities. The video tutorials look really useful. If all works out perhaps this could be another tool to add to our simulation and control tool box for older students, its certainly a recommend and look see for secondary colleagues.

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