This Morning I Have Been Mostly Playing With Joomla 1

Joomla looks like being the tool of choice to manage our Web Site and its Content as we become part of the Bridge Learning Campus. I downloaded a copy a few months ago to play with, having read an article in a magazine, but I haven't done much with it other than exploring online live demos until this morning. Watching Video demos it seemed pretty straightforward, but as with many best laid plans, this morning my inexperience would come back to haunt me.

Following online tutorials I got off to a flyer
Step 1, download xampp from Apache Friends
Step 2, download The Most Recent version of Joomla
Step 3, Set up a localhost Server on old laptop, by installing xampp
Step 4, unzip and copy Joomla Files to new folder called Joomla in xampp/htdocs

But then my inexperience hit in with
Step 5. open localhost/joomla and install

When inputting http://localhost/ didn't find the xampp server space on my c:\ drive. Referring to the xampp read me I found an alternative ip address and used this instead allowing me to move on.

Now I could install the instance of Joomla before
Step 6. deleting temporary installation files and
Step 7 running localhost(or ip address)/joomla and login

If I am honest I am now feeling really pleased with myself as I now have a space where I can practice the skills and processes I need to learn in thinking about how to transfer useful content from our existing website to form the beginnings of the Primary Pages in The BLCs Web Site.

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