Summertime Has Come

Well the summer break is here, we had our introductory workshop and the new year 6 students have scurried home excitedly with our new 1:1 machines, to play and explore. I have set a diary project, and pages have been uploaded to to support this, with accompanying bulletin boards, for suggested ideas and to share communaly and direct each other to the things we have uploaded. I guess all I can do now is sit back and wait or watch with baited breath to see how the projects themselves emerge and develop.

On a personal front. I have to complete and submit my dissertation, but amid this I have a couple of additional missions. I want to make space to play with greenfoot, and also explore mobile web access that students can tap into in the wider city, linking this to the project I have set for them, while I explore a spot of moblogging, something I got excited about while at HHL07. This hopefully will be easy enough to fit in among other things. I am pondering a change broadband provider and considering whether to supplement this with a mobile broadband account, or whether choosing a provider that offers wireless time might be a better option. I would value any thoughts on this. In the mean time a spot of lunch and a potter in the garden seems appealing right now.

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Angela Maiers said...

This is an amazing image of 21st century learners at the summer. What stands out to me more than the computers in hand is the look of curiosity and engagement in the learners eyes. That is a teaching thing-not a tech thing. You are doing such incredible work-I so look forward to hearing more about your dissertation! Do tell!