Mr Mills I can play the Rosiephone!: Surfing With Year 1

This week's Hot Site from year 1 emerged from a mini theme on Pets. The Canine Gang's learning with pet's fun page. Learning to play the RosiePhone, as Pup Idols, raised whoops and cheers, and lead one child in the Plenary to say "Mr Mills I can play the Rosiephone, its good because you can make it bark and stuff too." In addition this flash based page also allows children to record, though unfortunately not save their compositions. Another favourite was Muffin's Mix Up, where the children could swap body parts to design a puppy, which before printing they had to give a name to.

This site really is fantastic as a resource, and has been very well thought out. All of the activities are obviously embedded in developing understanding of the needs of a dog as a pet, but also have very strong cross curricular links, particularly in the ICT curriculum, not only as an internet resource, but also within strands such as control, using mazes to take your dog for a walk. Input and output through activities such as Pup Idol mentioned above. For older students or as a shared class task another fantastic resource is the doggy database, where inputting information about the type of dog you might like, or engaging with provided scenarios, help support and identify questions we may need to ask when identifying a suitable pet dog for different people. Check it out. Dig deep and stay a while.

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