Phonic Photos

Following the link in Keith's ICT Applications in Literacy Post, I came across a reference to phonic Photos. I figured this might be an opportunity to play with one of the Microsoft Powertools I downloaded the other week, and try it out in practice with our school website. The application, HTML Slideshow Wizard, is quite simple to use, and the shows you make don't have to be web based, you can pack them and go if you want to look whizzy by saving them to a flash drive, for use on your laptop or sharing with colleagues on your network.

Here is a sample ch or th slideshow, I uploaded to our school website this evening. The images I found by "Googling" a collection of "sh" and "ch" words, and then saving them to my computer. Using the slideshow wizard, I browsed for the folder I had saved the images to, selecting the ones I wanted to use, and then following the wizard step by step to produce it. To run the show, you browse for the folder where you saved the show, double click on the default.htm file and the slideshow will open in your Web browser. I think the outcome looks pretty slick.

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