Writing With Sound

Thanks to Keith for this. Have been feeling under the weather a lergie of some kind, and having a bit of time on my hands I wandered off at his recomendation to visit the pages of a local school who have uploaded some fantastic persuasive writing.

It has cheered me up no end. Not the least of which because its not just writing, but writing with sound. We have been thinking a lot lately about podcasting, and I have been talking to colleagues about multimodal texts, while considering alternative outcomes for writing units in literacy, that use ICT to drive them. These Radio Adverts with jingles, created by Yr 4 students at SS Peter and Paul Primary, are fantastic examples of how a writing unit has been developed and adapted to embed ICT, through a media genre, to create high quality writing outcomes.

What makes them multimodal? The text presented uses expression and intonation to support meaning making and maintain the attention of the audience. They have devised jingles and sing these adding a musical texture, while including the range of features which we would associate not only with the genre of radio advertising but advertisements generally. It is aparent from the quality of outcomes that they spent considerable time preparing scripts, and rehearsing them before they were presented. Writing for a purpose, with a real outcome and.... as part of your audience I think they are fantastic. Well done all, I hope you have many visitors, I will certainly be sharing your work with my students and colleagues. Really inspired. Now to get cracking with Podium, engaging my colleagues and students in writing with sound, Thank you your fantastic examples, will really help me.

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