Post Script To Captain Underpants

Here are a couple of First Attempts from the gang using the Captain Underpants Web Site. The titles in themselves are fantastic, and made me want to read more...

There were some concerns from the students about how to keep these comics, which appear on the web in Flash Format from email links. This led to discussion about how we could keep these to share locally, on our blogs or website. My suggestion to the students and their teachers is that they should do some screen capture work, using the print screen key on the keyboard to capture each page from the comic strip individually, and then pasting the resulting image into photofiltre for cropping, editing and saving.

Using these edited images, the students can build on their recent multimedia work with PowerPoint, to make navigable slideshows. Inserting their comic strips as background images to the slide, and then adding action buttons, which will not only mean linking pages together, to be turned onscreen, but also the possibility of adding additional effects such as sound and animations to support transition from one page to another, affording an additional dimension and texture to their comic strip texts.

This is a completely new experience for many of my colleagues, students asking how I can use the computer to do this, rather than what are we doing with the computer today. And exactly where I wanted us to be as a school by July. The Students now want to share their completed texts on their blogs, or through their community pages on the school website, this either means signing up with for example slideshare, but more likely means a little extra work on the Y6 community pages. Can't wait to publish the outcomes...

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