Pivot Stick Figure Animator

Waiting for lunch before half term, I and a group of year 1 students sought a moment or two's entertainment. The thought of thirtyish 6 year olds all trying to wash their hands at the same time was to say the least disconcerting, they were not in the mood for a story, so we made our own entertainment taking turns, with the Interactive Whiteboard, making small adjustments to an on screen stick figure, inserting an additional frame, choosing a friend who was being a quality audiences before washing our hands for lunch, and then returning to watch our friends. By the time we had finished we had had a wild time creating a figure who when the play buton was pressed seemed to dance and hurl himself about the screen wildly. If you have not heard of or played with Pivot Stickfigure Animator it is freeware, really good fun, and can be downloaded from here. You are not limited to black and white, indeed you can import backgrounds, select from a number of prepared pivot figures, and change their colours. Frame speeds can be slowed down and speeded up. Your very own onscreen flick book. On the recommendation of an LA Technician, we downloaded and installed this on all of our machines in school. The gif above was the year one creation. This on the other hand is a little something I threw together myself...

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