Tizz Visits the SS Great Britain and More

On Our School Website I have developed an area called Tizz's Travels. I posted previously about how he travelled to Spain and BETT, including how we had begun to experiment with various software environments and web based technologies such as geotagging to record his journeys. This has really begun to take off across the school, not just in Key Stage 1 where he was intended to replace Barnaby Bear, but also in Key Stage 2, where colleagues have begun to invite Tizz out on a more regular basis as students explore places closer to hand.

I have begun to open negotiations around the idea of Tizz having a blog of his own, like the amazing Max the Monkey who visited our website a while back from Australia. The idea being to develop empathetic writing by students in Key Stage 2 who could write a diary from Tizz's Point of view. I would also like to see some of our older students, using Tizz as a starting point in their work on a passport to the world, contributing imaginary visits to the school website, that younger students could explore. This could be a focus for web site development and multimodal text work, using 2 Create, 2 Create a Story, Photo Story and maybe even Podcasting. Our Geography Subject leader is currently applying for and putting together a Global School's bid, with the current excitement in some areas of the school about what the Tizz's Travels area is beginning to offer, and with the addition of web 2.0 environments and tools such as geotagging and empathetic blogging I can't help feeling this area of our website has powerful potentials in supporting development and evidencing this process.

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Morag Maccdonald said...

You might like to look at our teddy blogging project from last year