Ready, Steady, Shoot

Have been asked by my year six colleagues to carry out a film making project with their students this term, in preparation for their leavers service. Not having done any film making before they began today with the stop motion animation exercise I carried out with our year 4 students way back in the Spring, using digi blues and chinese tangrams. The result were actually very nice, so added them to their community pages on the school web site this evening so they can share them with their parents. As we were working however I began to think about where to go next, as we are looking to create some quirky little, " now for something completely different" moments for their presentation.

I suddenly thought of the TV show Ready, Steady, Cook; and how the chefs each show are challenged to conjure up quick and tasty meals, with quirky names, from seemingly random ingredients, and hence the title of this post.

For next week's session I have set the students in groups, the "Ready, Steady, Shoot" challenge. Building on the Tangram Dance from this week, the students have each been asked to bring a small eveyday item from home. Working in groups, they must use every group members object, in an animated short. They will have the whole afternoon session to carry out their shoot, and hopefully will compile their clips as a class film using Movie Maker, and downloaded "creative commons" music tracks. It should be really good fun. Can't wait to see what they come up with. Hopefully they will cook up a treat.

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