Playing With Word 2007: This Is Really Useful, and Becoming Increasingly Exciting

I am not always as vigilante in writing my posts as perhaps I should be I have become increasingly aware recently in revisiting some of my previous posts of the number of typos I make (not to mention the glaringly obvious spelling mistakes I make here and there too). I still use the wrong "there" occasionally, and the wrong form of "to", in my eagerness to express my thoughts. If you notice these when scanning, they probably make you cringe as much as me. I am terrible at remembering to use the spell checker, and tend to skip this part of the word processing event, trying instead to make sure my thoughts are clear before I publish, and that I have worded things in a way that doesn't offend, but as I am going this afternoon the contingent spell checker is continually reminding me, like right now, of words or terms it is unfamiliar with, oops a repeated word. In many ways maybe I'm probably more like my students than I think, and sometimes just want to get what I'm doing done and out of the way, and when I'm writing some things take priority over others.

I do a great deal of writing for other things that I could publish using this tool, for example our school's ICT News blog, and it will be really useful not to have to do things more than once. Perhaps having circulated a letter or memo to staff created in Word at school, this can now be opened in Word 2007, edited and posted directly to the blog. Using this process I will also have a local version of the body text, which I have not got currently for most of my blog content. I have wanted a more productive way of publishing the same content to more than one blog, than copying and pasting, and this now seems to be a solution I could get used to. I know that I could do many of these things in previous versions of Word, by drafting offline, logging into my account and then using copy and paste to upload. I am sure many colleagues do this anyway, but being a relative newbie to this, I have tended to work online. I am also however aware of some of the problems in previous versions of Word associated with style sheets, and the effect these can have on text copied and pasted to other web tools, and so have not previously done this without, using Note Pad to remove formatting first. This especially when developing web pages, using tools such as Dreamweaver or FrontPage, has been in the past a laborious process, though recent versions of these environments have helped by including tools to clean up code. My next step is to get this uploaded to both Blogger and Ethink, and then get back to the job I set out to do today, get my PCs talking to each other and prepare for the Graphic sessions I have with Y 4 tomorrow.

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