And the Fun Begins...

Have just logged in to Think to check out messages and stuff, and found this sticky on my home page. I am waiting to see what the student response will be? Get back later. Intriguing though!?*

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Mr Harrington said...

Hello Simon,
I read your previous post regarding using an online community such as as a 24/7 learning space for your new Y3 pupils with interest. This sounds exciting and very similar in set -up to the online 24/7 space we used last year at Classblogmeister ( though not for a specific task).
Last year with my Y3 pupils (moving up to Y4 this coming year) we created a joint wiki with a school in Harrow linked ot our D/T project 'Moving Monsters' sadly our link was largely e-mail based and did not work out as well as hoped.(we prefer touse our online blog space for communication as it opens it up to use out of school).
Anyway to stop rambling - Our Year4 history topic this year is The Tudors, we are not well served in our local area here for Tudor experiences (Stuarts yes with Llancaiach Fawr), would there be any possibilty of us linking in some form of collabortive way into your Tudor project, perhaps using a wiki or other links. We also have a presence on,but I didn't use it much last year (set up Y3 accounts but did not post!!) - I will input my new class details.

With all of this global linking it would be good to have friends that we could contact in real time!!!!
I look forward to your reply

Paul Harrington - just across the water from you, in Wales.