Is Nothing Sacred?

Now my students are reading my blog. Had an email from J this afternoon, thanking me for the post I placed yesterday about his amazing website. While he was here and I quote "I couldn't help noticing" great isn't it, "that you had a link to comic life." Wait for it here it comes,.... SO! I downloaded it and had great fun making a comic about our airbus challenge day. He has printed it to PDF and published this to his website, before inviting me along for a read. And just to prove it here is a snippet.

He must have spent quite a while here, as I noticed as well as the Comic Life Beta, he has managed to get himself rated as 51% addicted to blogging, as well as getting movie plugin from the simpson's movies site too.

This has opened up some interesting thoughts about extended learning, the place of personal webspaces and blogging within the process. It also suggests to me a need to really think about what we intend to do with our VLE when we eventually implement it next year. We have been discussing limited hours access, but weekend working practices such as this, suggest that perhaps we should consider having access available for students at the weekends, or we may need to think about how we will engage with personal webspaces such as his if students choose to develop them, and if we are to value the work and learning that ios going into them.

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