Comic Life For Windows: Loving it so far!

Welcome to Comic Life Beta 2 for Windows. So far it is great! Can't wait for the full thing. Have had a half hour or so, playing around in the environment, and it is very easy to use. I did an asssembly a while back on heroes, so had a few images from the Apollo 13 mission. The software defaulted to my, my pictures folder, as the Mac version does to iPhoto. It was then a simple matter of deciding on my page frame style, and then dragging images from the browser into the frames. There is a choice of bubble scripts, and styles which can be dragged into place and edited. I hope that we will be able to acces this with ELCs, what a fantastic tool, if not will definitely have to put aside some of the budget, and enter into negotiations with other subject leaders to cover it.
Here is the opening page of my first comic... The files can be exported as movies, html as well as images. So there is lots of scope for how the outcomes of a project might be used.

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Anthony Evans said...

looks great simon- wont load on my machine- says it is not a valid application