Goldilocks and the Three Turtles: Sadness Dawns!

Even though I have been playing with the Probot all week, it never dawned on me to check or measure the size of a Probot Step until this morning. And so needless to say this post probably seems a bit trivial and sad, but do I care... Not a Jot...

This is a bit of a Goldilocks moment, so bear with me.
"A Roamer step was always to large to use when thinking about about standard measuring units (as it needed to be scaled), A LOGO step was too small. But guess what it appears that a Probot Step is just right."


1 Probot Step = 1 cm

This little nugget/discovery has really excited me because it promises another route into practical and investigational work around shape, space and measure with my ocassionally challenging Numeracy Group.

Goldilocks Image Courtesy of the British Council

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