The Bayeux Tapestry

Yet another You Tube Video, but this time courtesy of Joe Dale's Blog.Here he has pointed readers to this amazing Animated version of the Bayeux Tapestry by David Newton, and additonal online resources from The Museum of reading.

Taking Joe's post a little further, I was just thinking from a Primary viewpoint what a fantastic starting point this could be for supporting and framing class based empathetic and historically based activities, with a multimedia or multimodal ICT based outcome. Using an extended literacy unit in the Autumn Term we worked with our Y3 students on something similar developing Digital Biographies and Podcasts about Henry VIII. This resource cries out for something a lttle special to happen to it after its use, building on the student's first hand experience and engagement with the medium to develop digital recounts, non chronological reports or persuasive texts as outcomes. Perhaps interviews with characters from the tapestry could be developed as incidental writing outcomes that lead to a class Podcast, maybe a News story live from the battle, or a diary/documentary/vodbox that follows one character as they travel through the tapestry to victory.

Using images from the online resource at the Museum of Reading Site, tools such as 2 create, 2 create a story, PhotoStory or Movie Maker, could be used alongside the classroom work students are engaged in to create a multimedia version of the story recounting the events, building on class based activity, perhaps resulting in a vodcast. A more ambitious project might be to take a "CommonCraft" type approach like the one I explored here, splitting the story into parts and challenging students as a talk for wirting project to work in groups as a class in planning out, scripting and making their own animated/narrated versions of the story as the outcome for an ongoing ICT unit, using photostory, digital blues/webcams and MovieMaker, editing the completed story together as a class. Thanks Joe.

Fancy using this video with your students, then I have provided some notes on how to download videos in different standalone formats from YouTube in this earlier post.

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