Kiwi: by Dony Permedi

This fantastic animated short by Dony Permedi, in which a Kiwi seeks to fullfill his dream to fly, is a nondialogue based narrative that you might find useful as a starting point for talk for writing or for framing multimodal work. Doug Dickinson commenting on my posting of this clip through earlier this week recommends Kiwi as great for use within the Y 5 Unit 5 on Narrative.

Since I found this movie on You Tube, for anyone reading this post in school right now it is likely and unfortunate that you cannot see it. Here is a process that you can use to download this file in a format you can use locally on you computer.

To Download Kiwi

Follow this link to Kiwi on YouTube,
In the address bar of your browser, select, right click and copy the url.

Visit, this is a file conversion web site.
Click the download video tab
click in the "step 1 select files or url to convert, highlight and delete "http://", and then right click and paste the url for Kiwi, that you copied.
Click Drop Down Menu in box 2 to decide on the file format you would like, scroll to video and choose
.wmv for a format to play in MS media player
.mov for a Quick Time Movie
Click in Box 3 and enter your email address.
Press convert.

After Zamzar has done its thing you will be emailed a url from which you can download your converted version of the file.

This process should work in downloading any video from YouTube. However be aware that not all files on this site are considered suitable for use in schools and hence YouTubes inclusion in LA Firewall filter lists, as such e safety considerations must be applied to any decisions you make regarding the use of this process. My advice to colleagues in school would always be to review any material of this type that you wish to use in class, and to plan for and consider its roll as you would any other textual material.

Downloading, careful use and review of videos such as this in relation to purpose is key to success, as is the choice of any story or book based text. I have published a number of posts about how I have used video and images in class, but hope this one entitled Spot the Inference is useful in thinking about how you might use Kiwi.

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