The Elonex One

Check out this post on Doug Dickinson's Blog about the Elonex One. Posted yesterday, I see it has already been edited and updated adding a sneak peak video demo from Ian Usher's Blog.

I liked the look of the Asus when revealed at the HHL conference in the Autumn, going so far as to have a live version of Linux burned to disc so I could play with the OS, feeling this was something I needed to explore and familiarise myself with. With this potential competitor, coming into the arena at sub £100, I will be fascinated to see how this all unfolds and to follow threads and thoughts around the 2 devices. I have a chance to look again at the Asus this week, but this time through the eyes of a local secondary school on Tuesday, as they share the device with parents and community as a potential element in their anytime anywhere learning solution. Can't wait!

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