Scratch and

I was desparate to call this post "Scratch and Sniff," as really that is all it is, a tip of the iceberg set of statements and a momentary expression of appreciation about a tool I have been pointed to a number of times through blog posts, feeds and Until a recent post and a thumb's up on mrstucke's Masterplan I didn't realise just what I had missed out on by not actually installing the download I had made or looking further than the handful of videos on the tool I had watched. Installing the application, taking a spot of time to aclimatise and familiarise myself with the environment and its visual tool box, it has been really cool to watch kitty boogy his way through a set of routines I had previously scripted for my turtle in LOGO.

Can feel a few posts of my own coming in the future. Thanks Daniel. Interested in having a play for yourself, you can download a copy of Scratch from here.


Linda said...

Hi Simon,

Long time no blog/comment we've been doing back to back learning platform training forever, or so it seems. Hope you're well, good to see you're 'working' during the 'holiday'!

When I first introduced Scratch in work we saved a file in a common storage area and people added a bit to it as when they felt like. What started off as a fairly simple crab race ended up as a complex underwater scene, and proved to be a good way to introduce the software - a sort of control version of consequences!

Dan Stucke said...

Hi Simon, I'm glad my post inspired you in return. I'm determined to comeup with a sound reason to use Scratch in school this Summer. I will get my thinking cap on over the Easter hols.