FlickrStorm: How Would You Use the Image Returns?

Loved this atmospheric image by Andy100, of the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, found using FlickrStorm
and the search word Brunel.

Am beginning to think about and collect material to support next term's theme "Being a Bristolian," and this is certainly the suspension bridge as I have never seen it before.

Would be a really nice starting point for talk for writing, perhaps leading to some incidental poetry.

I used a host of words and phrases, this evening some really abstract, but amid these I really liked the returns for colours.

Downloading and saving to a shared space as a colour collection maybe we could use some of the "colour" image returns as a group resource and writing scaffold for textured poetry using Powerpoint. Presented as a sequence in Photostory, the poems could be performed to create a video montage to be vodcasted by the students.... Podium Multitracking might also be used to create an atmospheric soundscape to import and background these poems?

How would you use the Image Returns?

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