Adding a Bite Size Interactivity to your Blog: A notette for a chum

Thanks to Keith for his comment on How about Including Bitesize and Science Clips Content On Your Class Blog.

"This sounds really useful. Could you explain how to find the source code. I have done this with YouTube but not sure how you do it with say science clips."

With Blogger, the platform I am using to write this, adding widgets and active content to your blog entries is fairly straight forward, though it is proving to be a bit more problematic with my class Wordpress blog as I found on Sunday when I tried to include the Bitesize content. The process I usually follow led to the code I pasted being stripped out of the page when I saved it so, I need to do a bit of fiddling over the holiday to figure this one out. Unless someone out there can help. Perhaps I need a plug in.

In the mean time here I hope is a useful little thing on putting tools like this into a Blogger page.

The image above shows a section from an activity page on the Bitesize revision site by the BBC. At the bottom of the image is a text box, and this includes the code you need to place instructions in your page for it to load the activity where you want it in your web page or blog.

To get the "code" for your blog or web page, you must select all of the text in the box and then copy it, either by right clicking and selecting copy, or by holding down the ctrl key, while pressing the c key.

Go to your blog, and either create a new post, or open a post previously created to house your tool.
Press the edit html tab, scroll to where you want to place the tool, and click in the text editor window. Paste the code, by right clicking then pressing paste, or holding ctrl while pressing v.

After saving your page you can test it by clicking the review hyperlink. If happy publish your post.

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