Soundsnap and Jing

I have been a bit busy lately, but have been determined to grab some me time this weekend. Some space to blob out, get on blog and play with some of the tools I have been pointed to through shared links on Thanks to John Sutton, for pointing out these two resources.

Soundsnap, A collection of free to use sound effects recorded by members of the Soundsnap community. These are suggested for use in podcast making, but could also be used in other Multimedia projects or Multimodal Authoring Activities, including animation or film making projects, PowerPoints, 2create and 2 create a story projects and PhotoStories.

Jing: In John's words, a "Great free screen recorder that records what you are doing on your pc. Has an instant share facility to embed in your blog, post a link in an instant messenger service." Will have a play with this one later, as looks really useful. There is also a version for the Mac. Check out this post on John's Blog called Sketchcasting is the New Podcasting?

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