Breaking News: Podium in the Numeracy Hour

This week we have been exploring and investigating the properties of 2 d shapes in Numeracy. As an extension activity to a wanted poster the students had been making, I decided to introduce them to Podium, and to use the text they had developed to create a short news bulletin about an imaginary break out from Shapetown Prison. With all the shapes on the run, the police had sought our help to offer descriptions of the motley crew to an unsuspecting public and a radio audience, from whom help was needed to recapture them before they could cause any major mischief.

This first attempt by my new class, at using the tool in the classroom again attests to the simplicity of use that this fantastic and incredibly powerful tool affords. For their first attempt I am really pleased with the outcomes, and I hope provides a little inspiration for a use of podcasting with children beyond the language arts alone. The podcast can be found by following this link to our page at podomatic. I hope you enjoy.

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