Mobagogy, Mobigogy How would you spell IT?

Over the summer the term Podagogy caught my eye. But for the last two days I have been listening to, engaging with and reflecting on the thoughts presented by a number of inspirational colleagues, who are using mobile technologies to develop innovative and creative approaches to the teaching and learning process. Might this now conjure up a new portmanteau, and the concept of mobagogy, mobigogy or mobogogy, how would you spell IT?

The view I took of mobile learning to the conference originated from locally developed projects and experiences shared through the occasional discussion with colleagues at the Graduate School of Education in Bristol. These projects had involved the use of PDAs and Ultra Mobile PCs, to explore and engage with the concept of "anywhere, anytime learning," But as the sessions unfolded I became enthralled by project outcomes that seemed to be looking beyond the hardware and technologies themselves and engaging with how pedagogy is changed, learning landscapes respatialised and potentially transformed by the use of these as tools for learning.

Interestingly, although initially focussed on the technology most of the projects presented had evolved over time, as the affordances of software and hardware environments became more transparent to the users to explore how they could be used to enhance Communication. The concepts of "capture, store and share" seemed to be the most exciting affordances identified where the tools had been successfully deployed. Rather than seeing them solely as 1:1 learning platforms, many of the tools used and available, seemed to have been used as a way of collecting and storing resources that could be used for other purposes later.

Here are a few blogs and sites I have visited stemming from project presentations at hhlo7 where colleagues are engaging with tresearching or reflecting and sharing ideas about what it means to be involved in mobigogy or mobagogy (how would you spell it?).

The Learning Everywhere Project and
Mudlarking in Deptford and Create-a-scape Futurelab
Mark van 't Hooft Ubiquitous Thoughts
Ian Stuart of Islay High School
Kaleidoscope Mobile Learning

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