"The Long Tale" in Education

Have been spending a few days blobbing, wittering online and going through some of the posts I bookmarked to come back to later. This morning I revisited a thought provoking post by Richard Anderson from Wolverhampton CLC, entitled "The Long Tail" in Education and wanted to flag it for others to read.

Building on my ramblings from yesterday, I also wanted to share this post by Ewan McIntosh called, Thinking Out Of The (x) Box Gaming to expand the horizons of Creative Writing Exploring the use of games and gaming as teaching tools for developing creative writing.

Linking this to Richard's "Long Tail," the Video clip featured of Will Wright, demonstrating his latest game "Spore" is fascinating as it models some of the ideas about authorship through multimodal design, that I wanted to share yesterday, (with much more success than I had I hasten to add.) It is interesting to see in this video how the social nature of gaming platforms have influenced the software "authors" in the design of the game. Leading to distribution and inclusion of tools that see their players not as passive participants, but "coauthors" or designers. Identifying our need to personalise and interact with the environments in which we work, the authors by adding tools that enable personalisation and customisation, also facilitate the sharing of these on a remote server, to which the whole game community will have access. The tail in this game will continue to grow through the contributions iof players, but what will be interesting is whether we will learn to exploit the "tales" that are likely to emerge from our student's engagement with them.

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