On the Complexities of Pedagogy and The Absence of Hair

Thanks to Tricia Neal for pointing to this, its not building aeroplanes in the sky, visioning and motivational speaking, but does conjure some fabulous images and metaphors around the realities of classroom life and the messiness of the teaching and learning process.

It reminds me of experiences in planning and taking students on educational visits, and how glad I was when I returned to school, about time preparing, as much for the student experience and safety as my own sanity. I feel it explains heaps where my hair has gone, or why I tend to look so white faced before a classroom observation.

For every cat, I can envision a curious and excited 5 or 6 year old, and every cat leaving the herd a potential reroute students can take me on away from the objectives I have planned and presented to the observer for the session. Yep! I am as easily distracted in the real world as I I am in my blog. Though teaching and learning is a high risk and dangerous business, I still feel the journey, no mater how many detours we take on the way to our destination, is worth the risk.

Thanks again, the ideas fit really nicely with a presentation I have been invited to give next week, around the teacher's role in ICT mediated learning situations, a little tweaking and perhaps I will borrow it. Thanks again.

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