How about Including Bitesize and Science Clips Content On Your Class Blog

I have been searching this evening for some inspiration to help me plan a letter writing unit for my class, but came across something unexpected on my travels.

Activities like the ones above, from the BBC Bitesize Revision and Science clips website now have source code provided to enable them to be embedded in your blog or school website. I will be sharing and exploring this further with colleagues, but thought this discovery may be of benefit to those of us beginning to develop our websites as learning platforms, or who are beginning to implement commercial VLEs, and looking for interactivities, or theme based widgets to support out of school learning and to integrate into tasks they are planning to use.

Perhaps in using class blogs as a point of contact with parents and students, activities such as this could be used as starting points for homework or out of school learning activities.


Keith ICT Advisory said...

Hi Simon

This sounds really useful. Could you explain how to find the source code. I have done this with YouTube but not sure how you do it with say science clips.

Many thanks

Keith A

Linda said...

Clever BBC, first Youtube now putting the code on their own sites! All I need to do now is crack embedding on edublogs! Though I might use the link you've provided to Wordpress which seems altogether more user friendly.

Been busy with Learning Platform launch - but I've declared tonight a night off, so I'm looking at my ICT bloglinks??????